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To choose misical career

To like something very much

To make an album

Caribbean an folk music

Impressive music



The Birmingham-born reggae singer moved to the Top of the Pop stage in early 1993. Twelve months later, he was coming to the end of a disastrous second tour of India,and thinking of stopping the business. ''It took me almost a year to find myself,'' says Apache Indian, a stage name for 27-year-old Steve Kapur. In the end,Make Way for the Indian, a powerful record,appeared. Later in the year, he also becomes a deejay with his own weekly show on Radio One. ''My music is a reflection of how i grew up-the reggae from the streets, the Indian bhangra sound and language from home, and perhaps the pop from the radio.'' Reggae has always been a powerful musicial force in Birmingham, producing acts such as Steel Pulse and UB40.Steve Kapur unlike his Asian mates in school followed the music from the age of 13. His parents couldn`t understand this. ''My parents came to this country when rock and roll was popular,and they were great fans of Elvis Presley. If I had followed him, there would have been no problem. Asians tend to have a very negative attitude towards black people, and reggae in particular was associated with gangs.'' Steve disapproves violence. '' I would take my family away and live somewhere else if I thought my children might get mixed up in gangs.'' Kapur was an excellent pupil and eventually became the best at school. Howewer when he was 18 he dropped out of college because of some family problems. Kapur joined his father workingin the shop and, as he was free from having to study in the evenings, devoted more time to reggae. He bought a van to help a local reggae sound system travel around the country, and finally started deejaying himself. Apache has not, howewer, forgotten about his roots. ''It was hard to record the album because i felt a lot of pressure.'' But Make Way for the Indian became a socially conscious album. ''People are getting shot, kids are on cocaine and crack, and i do address those subjects. I`m not leaving out the Asian people because what toy apply to the Indian people,you apply you the white people, you apply to all.''

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To choose misical career - follow the music

To like something very much - to be great fans of

To make an album - to record the album

Caribbean an folk music - reggae

Impressive music - powerful music

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