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Помогите написать ответ на писмо плз!! Task 22. You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend David who writes "... At school we are projects on teenagers in different counries. What is your idea of a typical Russian teenager? You will help me a lot if you could tell me about Russian teenagers. What do they enjoy? What are their mast popular leisure activities? Anyway, me weather is fine today and I'm going to try my new skateboard..." Write a letter to David In your letter -tell him about Russian teenagers -ask 3 questions about his hobbies Write 100-140 words.

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Dear David,

How are you? Sorry, I couldn't write earlier, as I had a lot to do.

Well, I think that Russian teenagers are just like every other teenagers. We just do the normal stuff, like watching a movie or meet our friends and go to some sort of restaurant or to Mc Donalds and eat there. We are also a really social country, we like to talk a lot, so a simple walk in the park is not bad either. 

Oh, I didn't know you can skate! Do you have some other hobbies I don't know about? What about reading? I like to sing. How about you? Do you like music and singing?

Well I have to end now, as I still got a lot to do. Hope to hear from you soon.



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