сочинение ** тему" как я помогаю дома"

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сочинение на тему" как я помогаю дома"

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How I help at home.
Everyday I wake up and make my bed, so the bedroom is clean and organised. I help my mom preparing a food for breakfast and lunch, and then she cooks. Before school I make sure I take out the rubbish to the bin outside. Once a week I wipe all the surfaces in my room, so there is no dust and I do vacuum cleaning. Sometimes I do the laundry, but I prefer ironing, so my clothes is fresh and is without wrinkles. I really do not like washing the dishes, but when I have a casual snack, I clean all the dishes I have used. I think it is important to help at house routine, and keep the home clean, as this helps you to be productive and organised.

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